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About us

Clearline - The Electronic Protection Company

In modern electronics almost everything is networked in some way or other, and those connections greatly expand your risk of damage from electrical surges. You can reduce the cost and risk of repairs, downtime and lost date by protecting power and signal/data inputs, and ensuring that protection devices are bonded together to an electrical earth.

Specialists in Surge Protection

Welcome to the Home of Lightning & Surge protection

Keeping abreast with CHANGE, Clearline is continually adapting and developing new products for affordable lightning and power surge protection, and power conditioning. It is Clearline's aim to provide quality solutions for industries and homes.

Our 25 years of experience and in particular our successes in protecting from the smallest to the largest installation, has changed our approach from what was traditional regarded as standard procedure. Electronic equipment such as computers and household appliances are continually subjected to blackouts, brownouts, spikes, surges and sags. With the above in mind Clearline will always advise to implement solutions in keeping with the South African Bureau of Standards SABS IEC 61024-1 (protection of building structures against lightning electromagnetic pulses (Lemp) and IEC 61312-1 (protection of information systems against Lemp) codes of practice. This necessitates a holistic approach to lightning and surge protection.

It is our aim to use this web site to introduce you to a whole list of new and exciting products as well as providing answers to questions. However this website carries only a limited range of popular products for small and medium size installations and homes. Please contact us regarding custom industrial and commercial applications and bulk purchases.

The Clearline range of surge protection equipment includes camera protection systems and data line protectors compliant with fast Ethernet specifications. The range is complemented with a series of general protection systems for home and business use, including telephones and PABXs, televisions, MNet decoders, home theatres, computers and expensive appliances.

Through extensive research Clearline has developed a range of data and signal protection patch panels, in line filters and din rail signal surge protection which when fitted with one of the plug protected strips or combination strips provides complete system protection. Our research lead to the development of the Clearline equi-potential platform providing protection for each of the connected lines as well as a low impedance path between protection devices ensuring safe diversion of transient currents even when a poor earth is available.

All Clearline protection systems comply with ISO9001 manufacturing standards and carry a two year no nonsense warranty against failure for any reason, even lightning damage.

Lightning and surge protection is an exact science. Clearline has both the systems and the tools. It remains however important to take all factors of an installation into consideration and design the protection system to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability.