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12-00198 Duoline TV/DSTV Surge Protector

Plug & Play.
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Power Surge Protection

  • Plug-and-Play concept
  • High surge capability
  • Fire hazard protection
  • Protection indication lamps

Clearline protects your Television, Mnet, PVR, decoder, Satellite decoder and VCR against lightning and surges without additional earthing. The protection modules have multiple stages of protection capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges.

Clearline incorporates a fast overload device which will be activated in extreme conditions. Functional indication lamps display the protection status of the unit. Clearline’s unique built-in thermal protection devices eliminates fire hazards.


  • Nominal input voltage: 230VAC 50Hz
  • Max continuous current: 16A
  • Max discharge current 4.5k A L-N, L-E, N-E
  • Input connector: 16A 3 pin plug
  • Output Connections 4 x 3 pin + 4 x 2 pin sockets.


  • Max discharge current: 10kA (8/20us)
  • Connectors: PAL


254 × 112 × 34 mm