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Product Warranty

All Clearline protection products carry a two-year warranty against defective material and workmanship and Clearline will either repair or replace any defective unit during this period Clearline will also repair or replace any protector that has suffered damage as a result of a lightning strike or line over voltage condition. This warranty is only valid provided that the device has not been opened, modified or tampered with in any way.

To ensure that your Clearline product is protected by Clearline's product warranty, complete the form below and return to Clearline within 30 days.

Clearline will acknowledge receipt· You must ensure you receive this acknowledgment which is your proof of the warranty registration. Warranty registration will only be completed once ALL information in Sections A, B and Care correctly supplied.

Connected Equipment Warranty

A selected range of Clearline surge protectors are warranted to protect your equipment from lightning and over voltage conditions. Clearline will replace or pay to repair equipment that is damaged by surges (including lightning) on either AC power cables, telephone line or TV/DSTV cables while connected to a properly installed Clearline surge protector, if the Clearline surge protector shows any signs of damage or was not operating outside of designed specifications. Only plug-and-play type protectors and protection systems that do not require any additional wiring carry the Connected Equipment Warranty.

The warranty does not apply to any system or equipment that requires more than one surge protector to protect all its connected lines. For example, systems like computer networks and PABX’s are not covered. Contact Clearline for a list of protectors that carry the ConnectedEquipment Warranty.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions:



  1. Clearline surge protectors must be directly plugged into a properly grounded 3-wire AC outlet. If an extension cord is required, ONLY a Clearline approved extension cord set may be used. Adapters may not be connected to the protector except in the following cases:
    1. If your equipment was supplied with a two-prong plug, then an SABS marked two- pin snap- on type adapter can be plugged into the surge protector.
    2. In the case of the TV protector (12-00493), a SABS marked moulded adapter may be used to supply power to video equipment within two meters from the protector.
  2. All power, data or communication connections to the electronic equipment must be protected. These lines must all be connected to the same surge protector.
  3. This warranty is only valid if the protection device shows visible signs of damage.
  4. This warranty is only valid if the protection device has not been opened, modified or tampered with in any way.
  5. This warranty is valid for a period of two years.
  6. The maximum amount the that can be claimed for under this cover is R25 000.00
  7. A warranty form is supplied with each product and must be completed and forwarded to Clearline Protection Systems (PTY) Ltd within 30 days of date of purchase duly completed with serial numbers and model of equipment to be protected. Should the equipment be changed, then Clearine is to be advised. No claim will be entertained if damage occurs before the warranty has been registered and acknowledged by Clearline Protection Systems (PTY) Ltd.
  8. This warranty covers the hardware only of registered equipment for all loss or damage occurring as a result of any electrical origin, including spontaneous component failure, for a period of two years from date of purchase of the protection equipment. This cover is secondary to any existing manufacture’s warranty, implied or expressed, or any service contract in existence at the time of the loss.
  9. To make a claim, a claim number must be obtained before having the equipment repaired. Clearline reserves the right to inspect the equipment and the installation thereof before repairs are undertaken. Should Clearline replace the equipment, all damaged equipment must be delivered to Clearline Protection Systems (PTY) Ltd.
  10. The protector and damaged equipment labelled with the claim number must be returned to Clearline with original proof of purchase of the device.
  11. Once Clearline has determined that the customer is entitled to compensation, Clearline will at its discretion either pay to the customer the present fair market value of the damaged equipment, or pay the cost of the repair, or send the customer replacement equipment.
  12. The faulty equipment must be inspected and repaired by the manufacture, or by the manufacture’s authorised repair facility. A report must be sent to Clearline who at it’s discretion may inspect the damaged equipment before repair is undertaken.
  13. The Clearline warranty does not include the following:
    1. Service charges
    2. Software
    3. Installation charges
    4. Reinstallation charges
    5. Set-up costs
    6. Diagnostic charges
    7. Routine maintenance
    8. Loss of use of the products
    9. Shipping fees
    10. Service calls
    11. Loss of damage by fire, theft, flood, accident, abuse or misuse.
    12. Claims where no damage is found to have occurred to the equipment.

 The Connected Equipment Warranty is only valid for products in South Africa. Outside South Africa, Clearline’s standard protection equipment warranty applies.