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Protecting against surges

Lightning protectors do not always prevent damage to equipment. Investigation shows that these failures are often due to incorrect installation - large voltages occur across the various inputs and outputs of equipment, causing damage.

Clearline has solved this problem by introducing their patented “Surge Potential Platform” on all their combination protection devices. This ensures that surge currents are interchanged on the surge platform and not through the equipment.

These protective devices are of the “plug and play” variety and require no additional earthing.


Clearline Surge Protection System

In the diagram above, the data cable carrying the surge energy is passed through the protection platform. The surge energy is then diverted to the power earth before it can harm the equipment. A power and data surge arrester has been included in the platform.

Electronic disconnect in the event of protector failure

Unlike many devices available today, Clearline’s products have internal temperature fuses that will disconnect the power to the protector in the event of overload or fault. This will ensure that ignition of the plastic housing will not take place. Indication either as a mechanical flag or electronic indicator will advise the user of the protection status. On the professional models, additional filtering has been included with visual and audible fault indication.

12-00563 Multiplug for Power and Networks
ZAR 1,378.77
4 x Power, 1 Network